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Coho Partners, Ltd.

Coho Partners Ltd., founded in 1999, is an independent, employee-owned investment management firm headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. As of June 30, 2017, total combined assets including model advisement, discretionary, and non-discretionary were approximately $8 billion. Coho focuses on generating a specific, asymmetric pattern of returns that offers strong protection in down markets and very competitive returns in up markets.

"We firmly believe that the best method to create and sustain long-term wealth is to protect principal in down markets and generate competitive returns in all but the most speculative of up markets."

Peter Thompson


Coho Partners, Ltd. is the Adviser to the Coho Relative Value Equity strategy and mutual fund. Our investment approach focuses on providing downside protection during difficult equity market environments first and foremost, and also capturing reasonable upside participation during bull markets. We seek stable companies with market capitalizations over $3 billion that consistently grow their revenues, earnings, and dividends. The resulting portfolio is comprised of 25 to 30 equity securities with which the investment team has established comfort with the long-term fundamental aspects of each investment. The Coho Relative Value Equity strategy is available to investors via separate accounts, mutual fund, and some UMA (model) platforms.

Behind the Coho Name

Peter Thompson, founder of Coho Partners, Ltd., is an avid fly fisherman. He named the company after his favorite sport fish, the Coho salmon. The life of this species, particularly during its migration, demonstrates resoluteness in spite of adversity and peril. They are highly prized by anglers for their strength, tenacity, and fight. Our coat of arms is flanked by a pair of these trophy fish because they represent the rigor of our selection process and the vigorous attributes inherent in the companies that are carefully chosen for our portfolios. We are more interested in tenacity, endurance, and navigation skills, than pure speed.